The only reason for this problem is that your account status is private.
Money or credits can not be returned in any kind of situation but you can have your failed order implied by using track order feature.
You can use our track order feature available in our contact us page, after changing your account status to public (explained below), you can send your problem to our team, working in sale department. Your problem will be diagnosed and solved as soon as possible.
In order to change your account status both in instagram app or instagram website you can use these two pathways:
Instagram APP: Setting > Account > Private Account
Instagram Website:
No there is no limitation for your orders. But multiple orders cannot be implied on one account at the same time. All orders will be done to one account one after another.
Yes you can surely stop your order by using our Contact Us page available in the website to inform our team in Socialia.NET, Our team will respond you as soon as possible. But as we mentioned before, no credit or money can be returned in this case or any other case.
We do not ask your password because we do not need your password. To process your order, your post URL or username is enough for us. Please, do not give your password to anyone or any services.


Choose your desirable account and go through money transfer steps, all bills will be sent to your email immediately. All the information for signing in to your account will be sent to your email in the next 24 hour. We recommend you to change all your sign in informations (username, name…) after you signed in to your account.
By this service you can reserve likes for your 10 or 20 of posts that you are willing to post in future.
By this service you can reserve likes for a defined time period for your posts in future.
By using Likes service, likes will be sent to your posts in past, but by using Auto Likes likes will be sent to your future posts.